Strange modulation schemes & Chaos

John P johnp at
Thu Jun 26 19:45:14 CEST 1997

Dan Slater wrote:

>         You can get very good chaotic sound production by cross coupling 2 FM
> modulated oscillators (subsonic or audio). With some practic you can
> even get very good white noise out of this patch. The non-linear FM
> feedback between oscillators forms a classical chaotic system that shows
> period doubling, high sensitivity to initial conditions, etc. For this
> to work well, it is necessary that there be sufficient gain in the FM
> modulation paths, so some amplification may be necessary in some
> instruments. Buchla 258 oscillators, EMS AKS and laboratory function
> generators generally work quite well in this patch, Serge and Moog VCOs
> do not work as well.

Cross-coupling 2 VC transient generators is a valuable trick on the
Serge, does interesting tunable quasiperiodic control voltages.  This is
more interesting and usable (to me) than using it as a noise source.

John P.

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