Hammer Horror Synth (was: Lego and other sensible things)

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at nbgm.siemens.de
Thu Jun 26 14:40:21 CEST 1997

	>What I'd REALLY like to have are some of those rising spark
	>that seemed to be in all the old Hammer horror flicks; Dr
	>would walk round his basement lab turning on all thse huge
glass jars 
	>containing a pair of filaments; big lazy sparks would climb the

	>filaments and make wicked arcing noises.
	>You could use them as signal generators, or maybe some kind of
	>Oh, and knife switches as well, enough of this sub-min DPDT 
	>[...spends remainder of day thinking wistfully of old Flash
Gordon shows 
	>and Boris Karloff....]

And your synth will have a real neural computing engine, and it will
be great at this kind of hollow, moaning lead sounds ...



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