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Mark Pulver mpulver at
Thu Jun 26 13:30:45 CEST 1997

Matthew S. Padden (12:52 PM 6/26/97 +0200) had said:

>What I'd REALLY like to have are some of those rising spark generators 
>that seemed to be in all the old Hammer horror flicks; Dr Frankenstein 
>would walk round his basement lab turning on all thse huge glass jars 
>containing a pair of filaments; big lazy sparks would climb the 
>filaments and make wicked arcing noises.

"Jacob's Ladder". Pretty easy to build... You need a decent high voltage
generator... I used to use a remanufactured Model T spark coil. The spark
climbing is all natural, you just have to get the spark started at the low
end and watch that the angle isn't too steep lest you "lose" the spark.


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