Lego and other sensible things

Matthew S. Padden m.s.padden at
Thu Jun 26 12:52:42 CEST 1997


>>>>A prize to the first photo of a Lego Modular! (Maybe you could make 
>>>>cabinets out of Lego and then install real modules...:P )
>Any prizes for a mechano sequencer????

What I'd REALLY like to have are some of those rising spark generators 
that seemed to be in all the old Hammer horror flicks; Dr Frankenstein 
would walk round his basement lab turning on all thse huge glass jars 
containing a pair of filaments; big lazy sparks would climb the 
filaments and make wicked arcing noises.

You could use them as signal generators, or maybe some kind of VU 

Oh, and knife switches as well, enough of this sub-min DPDT 

[...spends remainder of day thinking wistfully of old Flash Gordon shows 
and Boris Karloff....]
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