Dave Halliday dave.halliday at
Thu Jun 26 06:07:58 CEST 1997

>>>A prize to the first photo of a Lego Modular! (Maybe you could make the 
>>>cabinets out of Lego and then install real modules...:P )
>     I've had a similar idea for a modular:

>     What if you had a big matrix of sockets that hung on the wall.
>     Say a 10 x 10 grid- 100 little squares.

>     You then had a "palette" of little modules you plugged in as you 
>     needed them. 

>     Only the modules you needed would be part of the patch and they could 
>     be placed in any logical order deemed.

Whole Earth catalog a number of years ago reviewed one of these kids 
101 electronics project kits that was built along the same lines.

It was little plastic cubes and each cube contained a discrete 
component or transistor.  They had either a sliding interlock or 
magnetic clasp ( forget which ) that would allow you to clip them
together to form circuits.  English I think...

Interesting idea!  Have it 16 by 10 and run the 16 outputs from a 
sequencer along the top.  Big flashy lights... <grin>

The bottom row would input to your amplifiers.
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