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Wed Jun 25 09:47:13 CEST 1997

>A prize to the first photo of a Lego Modular! (Maybe you could make the 
>cabinets out of Lego and then install real modules...:P )

>IMHO a major failing in much analog synth music is the static & boring
>nature of the LFO's....but if you incorporate Leggotecnik(sp) by moving
>little magnets over linear hall effect devices or lights or shadow producing
>objects over photo resistors you can make very nice slowly developing
>themes....and if you are lucky enough to have a cv to midi convertor why
>there's an endless composing machine right there....
>what i'd really like to see (and hear!) is a purely physical
>(non-electronic) realisation of a modular system....maybe someone has a
>whole lot of fluidics logic & control devices left over from the early

I really wasn't suggesting building anything out of Legos, well I did
consider building a guitar out of Erector (the little nuts and bolts building
sets). But now that you mention it, it's not a bad idea. 

I like the idea of using physical motion to create or alter sound. How about
using one or several vibrating string as an LFO to modulate other sounds.
maybe a loose bass string? Has this been done? It would be interesting to
incorporate elements of acoustic instruments with electronic instruments. I
know some degree of this has been done.

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