CS80 from hell

R.Fahl 8brain at spiritone.com
Wed Jun 25 05:14:53 CEST 1997

>What a sad story.  Too bad to see a classic if troublesome even when
>working beast like that at death's door.
>One of Toto's.  I wonder what happened to the other one, as according to
>an old article I read Paich and Porcaro each had one onstage in the old days.

Who cares?  This is Synth DIY!!!

An unexpected demographic and cognitive constellation co-occurs with
synesthesia: females and non-right-handers predominate, the trait is
familial, and memory is superior while math and spatial navigation suffer.
Synesthesia appears to be a left-hemisphere function that is not cortical
in the conventional sense. The hippocampus is critical for its experience.
Five clinical features
comprise its diagnosis. Synesthesia is "abnormal" only in being
statistically rare. It is, in fact, a normal brain process that is
prematurely displayed to consciousness in a minority of individuals.


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