CS80 from hell

Synthfool at aol.com Synthfool at aol.com
Wed Jun 25 01:35:31 CEST 1997

Hello folks,

I've written a bit previously about this synth, but here is my last plea for
a proper "disposal" method for the beast...here's the dilemna:

I have a Yamaha CS-80 synth that unfortunately was in a storage locker that
got flooded.
(The unit was owned by Toto for whatever *that* is worth).

The front panel is in simply great condition, but there is considerable
electronic damage internally.
I've replaced *many* cmos IC's and opamps and have restored much
functionality to the unit, including the aftertouch, chorus, glide, ribbon
controller, ring modulator, etc. It all lights up now and makes noise.

Still, much is flakey or broken. It's a great candidate for restoration, but
for those that don't know, CS80's have NO connectors inside. Everything is
soldered point to point and there are many boards and lots of wires. This
makes them very difficult to service and even harder to restore. Still,
everything is there- there are no bits missing.

I had a friend scan the 3 foot large foldout schematics, but never reprinted
them onto paper and in order to use them, have had to print out sections
rather poorly on my non-grey scale laserprinter. No fun. (I know I could have
had them printed out large professionally, but never did so).

Anyway, I'm tired of working on this beast and it is taking up considerable
room around here.

What should I do with it?    I can't sell it as a CS80... it's broken. 

In Los Angeles (where I am), the only (other :) decent tech to work on them,
JL at Musictec, doesn't want to take in CS80s and so around here, none of my
friends want to buy it as it would never get serviced.

I have *many* hours and parts spent in completed or attempted repair, so I
want to get at least some money out if it, but certainly can't sell it for
much as is.

When I had previously offered on AH to part it out, only 4 people responded
and every one of them wanted only one thing: the ribbon controller. This was
the one part that I was going to keep for myself, funny enough. ;-)

Would anyone want to take this whole 220lbs of synth away for say $300 cash
as is?
(I had two offers of $1500 for it if it had worked, BTW.)


Does anyone want/need the voice boards or other parts? It has 16 boards that
each have a linear vco, waveshaper, two vcf's, two env's, several vcas (6
total). Each vcf chip has LP,BP and HP, though the board is only configured
as one chip being LP and the other HP.

It has chorus boards, lfos, etc as well.

Any offers on ANY of this? If I can't get someone to take the whole thing
away in about 2 days, I'm going to cut it all up and sell whatever I can
through the newsgroups and throw the rest away. 
It's a shame, but it's too big and heavy to keep around my little apartment.



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