UK garage clearout continued

jupiter4 jupiter4 at
Tue Jun 24 10:30:11 CEST 1997

Hi Folks,

OK, I had a quick rumage to see what I would be getting rid of. Here is a few
of things I will be chucking. Don't forget I live near Ipswich Suffolk. If you
want anything come and get it. Other wise its going to the big skip!

2 * 19inch racks. these are about 5 foot tall or so.
2 * VGA monitors
2 * monochrome monitors
2 (maybe 4) maplin 75watt MOSFET power amps
68000 development computer system (I think its the Magenta one)
1 Dexy type rack (The sort you see in stores type ware houses)
A few power supplies.
Some boxes for housing electronics.
An ancient 386 (It works and has windows on it!)
An old video recorder.

If I find anything else I'll shout up.

Cheers, Dave...

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