Octave synthesis on a PIC microcontroller

Dave Halliday dave.halliday at greymatter.com
Mon Jun 23 07:15:40 CEST 1997

>>Problem there is that many of the PIC chips use slow A/D/A - they use 
>>a cheaper integration method of conversion than the more expensive 
>>sucessive approximation or the really $$$ flash conversion.
>>Don't know if you could get the accuracy plus enpough speed for 
>>several channels...
>     .......this is taking low parts count a bit far......i wouldn't think 
>     you would want to use the pic for d/a conversion when there are those 
>     very cheap & available burr-brown serial codecs.....like the 3000 
>     series at about $15 each....no problem driving a multiplexer with 
>     those...... of course people who do this stuff commercially tell me to 
>     do the whole thing in DSP but where's the fun in that?
>     paul perry

Exactly!  <grin>

Besides, the original message was about using a PIC and a bnch of 
sample and holds to replace all those expensive and messy exponential 
convertors.  That is part of what gives a multiple oscillator analog 
synth such a gorgeous sound...

Use the chips for control, use analog for signal processing and 

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I love it!  Consider it swiped...

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