Casio VZ-8mS/N question

id somasst1 at
Mon Jun 23 23:44:02 CEST 1997

I'm hoping someone here could spread some wisdom on me concerning the
signal to noise ratio in the Casio Vz-8m.  
My VZ is quite noisy, especially in "Pan Mode."  A while back I was told
that some mystery place in LA will take your Casio gear and increase the
signal to noise ratio considerably by replacing some op-amps.( and maybe
some other things I don't know.)    I've asked around to a lot of different
places to find out what they actually replace but no one seems to really
even know what a VZ-8m is.  Is there someone here who knows how to get a
"cleaner" signal from the VZ-8m?  and if so how? ( parts, ect.)

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