Blantant Self Promotion (hear my track!)

Troy Sheets tsheets at
Mon Jun 23 21:41:05 CEST 1997

I have learned that compressing a track and getting it on the web is
probably harder than making the track itself...

I have a 5 minute stereo MPEG compressed version of my latest track I 
did with some new equipment in my studio, and I want AHers and DIYers
to hear it and give me feedback.

The file is 6 megs... a huge download if you only have 28.8 bandwidth...
but if you let it run overnight and cross your fingers, you should be
able to get it pretty easily.  MPEG audio has not caught on that much,
but I feel it is the best compression for getting full-length
tracks onto the 'net.  6 megs is not really too bad considering that if you
expand it into a .wav or .aiff file, it will be around 60 megs.

My track is all analogue and features an arp odyssey, roland sh-09, waldorf
pulse and an asm-1.

check it out at:

A link to Netscape's audio/video page is included to help you find an
MPEG audio plugin.  I also suggest for finding
MPEG encoders, decoders and players.

Let me know if you have problems downloading and playing this, I will
see what I can do to help.


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