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Mon Jun 23 09:46:01 CEST 1997

BTW: for PIC or other uP control over waveshaping, look at the CEM3396 (used in the Matrix series of synths) at

It is a uP controllable audio waveshaper with 4 pole VC lowpass filter. 

For EG's look at the CEM3371. It can do linear or exp envelopes with arbitrary shapes.

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Subject: 	AW: EGs 

	> i'm planning to build a machine which will produce sounds
	> evolving and morphing one into another (pardon my english).
so, rather
	> than have a usual saw/pulse/tri alternative, i'd like to make
	> which would continuously morph between these. so far, the only
idea that
	> comes to my mind is to feed an EG with a pulse. in theory,
i'll have six
	> parameters (pitch, pw, adsr) to play with, but will this work
in real
	> world? will i have to make my own egs (oh, no!) or it's
possible with
	> existing chips?

Oh yes, you can make your own EGs ! (;->)

First, you could use a static crossfading like my "Interpolating
which works very nicely at audio rate. (Piecewise linear - PWL
of waveforms)

But I really like your idea as well, and what you need is *not* a full
circuit, but only a very simple "1-stage envelope" which is reprogrammed
with a new asymptode CV ("sustain") and time CV ("decay") for each step.
This "envelope" would not be more than a 1-pole VCF, i.e. 1 OTA plus
a few discrete devices. The two CVs would be updated with a simple 
shift register (sequencer). You'd want to have the time CV input
with a keyboard tracking function included.
The whole thing would not be as predictable as the PWL solution, but
may be a feature. You can also chosse between linear and exponential 
slopes by either using a straight VCF or a slew limiter circuit for the
EG part.


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