Octave synthesis on a PIC microcontroller

The Old Crow oldcrow at access.mountain.net
Sat Jun 21 12:07:15 CEST 1997

  Hi folks,

  I've been experimenting with generating an octave of semitones on a pair
of PIC16C54 microcontroller chips.  I can generate up to 8 semitones on a
single chip using a 16MHz crystal.  (I wish they made a 33MHz version of
the chip; I could do all 13 notes on one chip).  As it is, I split the
octave into a group of 6 tones on chip #1 and a group of 7 tones on the
other.  The highest pitch, 520.83Hz, is C3 within 0.5% of the actual
frequency of 523.25Hz.  All of the tones are within 0.5% or better. 

  While the frequencies generated are not in the top-octave, they are in 
the concert octave between C2 and C3.  Should be useful for things like 
bass synths.

  If anyone is interested in seeing the program(s), I'll have them up on 
a web site in a couple of days.



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