Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.

Iain Dunn iain at iadunn.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 19:39:33 CEST 1997

In message < at>, Jay Vaughan
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>>Sounds like everyone is thinking on the same lines. I am currently
>>finalising and finishing off a Minimoog style synth. It fits easily into
>>a 4U rack kit and has the following features:
>>3vcos with range switching 0.003-60khz
>>Moog 24dB filter.
>>VCLFO with modulation from ads, noise or/and vco3 with sine ,tri,rising
>>and falling sawtooth and square wave outputs.
>>2ADS envelope generators (optional with volage control)
>>Noise generator with white or pink outs
>>facility for external inputs.
>>The above was what i always felt was needed on a prepatched synth (all
>>the patching is done with toggle switching - similar to the pro one
>>style mod routing system).
>Excellent looking system -- very nice!  What about MIDI, or are you
>sticking it with CV/Gate for now?
>>There are 3 vcos on one board and the rest of the circuitry on the
>>second board. The board sizes are standard 220*100mm single sided and
>>are easily home manufactured. All the wiring to the front panel at
>>present is all done with connecting wire although in the future i am
>>looking at mounting all the pots and switches on a third board all
>>though this will put up the cost. When I have finished this in the next
>>few weeks I may put the details up on the net if there is enough
>>interest with a possible view to releasing it as a full Kit.
>Excellent -- I am very interested in finding out more about your design,
>and if there's any way that I can assist with the kit process, please let
>me know.  
>I'm serious when I say that I have some Venture Capitalists sitting around
>waiting to figure out what to spend their money on... and I truly believe
>this could turn from a cottage industry into quite a big one fairly rapidly.
>Jay Vaughan          
>jay at teklab.com       

Iain Dunn

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