Evil Kit Plans

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I don't use etched boards, I use pad-per-hole perf (vero) board, but yeah,
this is what I do.
I bend the leads of the pot (they are about 0.2" long) flat against the
board and solder each one to at least two pads (the one for the hole it
went through as well as a neighboring pad) not to mention the fact that
they are also soldered to the lead from a resistor or something that has
also been bent flat against the board after going through it's hole. I've
put in 120 pots this way so far (yes, that's about $600 in pots, not to
mention the $2 metal knobs I used - yikes!), I've taken the synth out to
shows and things several times and I haven't had a problem with solder
breaks (knock on wood!)

- CList

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You can also mount the pots on both sides of the PC board - this way,
you could have two rows of them.

The pots fastened to the copper side of a single-side board might have a
tendency to pull the traces off but you could run the legs through the
other side and use either epoxy or just crimp them.  Need to have the
board secured a bit better...

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>    > This is exactly what I was thinking this morning. If pots were
>    > mounted directly on pcb there were much less wireworks. I
>    > tried some pots I had on a piece of veroboard, the pots had
>    > legs (3) 0.2" apart, and I noticed that the ideal position for
>    > them was 0.1" from edge.
>    I did this using sealed Spectrol pots with
>    a lead spacing of 0.1" for all of the modular
>    stuff I've built (with the exception of the ASM-1).
>    I mounted the pots with a 1.1" center to center spacing, 4 along
> the
>    edge
>    of a 4.5" veroboard. The boards are mounted vertically to the back
> of
>    FracRack panels, and the pots are all that support the board's
> weight.
>    It works quite well.
>    I gotta get some of my pictures up on the web somewhere...
>    - CList
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