Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.

The9thDr at aol.com The9thDr at aol.com
Fri Jun 20 10:20:54 CEST 1997

>There are a lot of musicians out there that *love* the cool and edgy new
>analogue/hybrid digital synth technologies that are being put out at an
>awfully slow rate, very large and unruly hordes of germanic teenagers that
>issue forth gargantuan quantities of finger twitching saliva at synthy
>things with names like "NordhoepfferaldorfenBoardenKey-1", who would gladly
>enjoy the opportunity to build and customize their own uber-synth,
>particularly if it's Lego-esque in nature.

If anyone does this I'd like to be the first customer and/or work for you!

I find it interesting you mention Legos. I am still quite a fan of Legos.
(I'm 22 years old) Legos come in several levels:

infant Legos: very large with rounded edges. they just sort of stack and
don't lock

Duplo: Still pretty big but can lock together. Just a bigger version of
regular Legos.

regular Legos: smaller, more variety, but mostly  your basic bricks.

adventure Legos: more unusual pieces. outerspace, pirates, castles,
under-sea, time travel themes.

Technik(sp): more mechanical. gears, pulleys, pneumatic systems, electic
moters, etc.

And they  all work together. I think you get my point.  If not, I'd be glad
to explain but I think I've bored enough people for now.  :-)

The Ninth Doctor
MOZEPY Productions

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