Evil Kit Plans

Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Thu Jun 19 21:34:23 CEST 1997

   > This is exactly what I was thinking this morning. If pots were
   > mounted directly on pcb there were much less wireworks. I
   > tried some pots I had on a piece of veroboard, the pots had
   > legs (3) 0.2" apart, and I noticed that the ideal position for
   > them was 0.1" from edge.

   I did this using sealed Spectrol pots with
   a lead spacing of 0.1" for all of the modular
   stuff I've built (with the exception of the ASM-1).

   I mounted the pots with a 1.1" center to center spacing, 4 along the
   of a 4.5" veroboard. The boards are mounted vertically to the back of
   FracRack panels, and the pots are all that support the board's weight.
   It works quite well.

   I gotta get some of my pictures up on the web somewhere...

   - CList

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