OB-X 2708

Wim Verheyen catwim at innet.be
Thu Jun 19 02:53:47 CEST 1997

Hi all,

I have a friend who has a defective Oberheim OB-X eigth voice.
I haven't seen the synth myself, but from his description I understood
that an IC is missing.
There are 3 2708C EPROMs on the board, and 1 empty socket, apparently
a 24-pin socket that could hold another 2708.
The missing IC is A-126 (the others are A-102, A-103 and A-104).
Anyone knows where to find this EPROM ?
Or can the contents of it be obtained, I have access to an EPROM
programmer at work.


 Wim Verheyen, Hasselt, Belgium, catwim at innet.be
 The Aemit modular analog home :

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