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Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Thu Jun 19 19:26:46 CEST 1997

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997 The9thDr at wrote:

> Cool! I want one!
> Did you just add jacks or is there other stuff involved? I want the plans
> when your done!

I'll probably add a few pots (minimum of 2 for sampling speed and volume..
probably have a little internal mixer if there's more than 1 per 1U rack)
and 1/4" jacks for output and trigger input. This is no synth, BTW, just a
sample-playback box. (which is why this is, I realize, bordering on
off-topic despite the fact that I've recieved a number of positive

I've encountered a problem.. they upped the price on these things since I
last checked. Ack. They yackback-type toys are now ~10-15$, which makes
putting several of them together at once a little less appealing. I'm
keeping my eyes peeled for closeout specials, though. 

take care,

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