Digital Synths

Matthew Porth mporth at
Thu Jun 19 15:33:09 CEST 1997

      Hi all,
        After reading the recent postings about PIC / Stamp 
     microcontrollers I was wondering if there is any schemtacis and info 
     for digital synths based around ADC / DAC's and CPU's. These digital 
     systems interest me because I am a software engineer and have been 
     coding for a very long time...
        I am not really interested in Stamp / 8051 designs as I think they 
     are a little long in the tooth now.
        I am looking to use at least 1Mbyte of SRAM, at least 3 serial 
     ports (MIDI In, Midi Out+Thru, Hi Speed serial IO (115200 Baud) for a 
     PC link), ADC/DAC via some kind of DMA device or more probably a FIFO, 
     a programmable clock device (5Khz up to 44.1Khz) and the SA110 CPU 
     (StrongARM running at 233Mhz).
        Of course one could always use an 8 bit parallel port interface 
     which would allow a stupidly fast PC link (1->6 MBytes Per Second).
        What it really boils down to I am a software engineer not a 
     hardware designer. Are there any schematics of digital CPU controlled 
     synths on the net?? Are there any mail lists / news groups that deal 
     with the building of simple computers. I have yet to find anything!

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