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Mikko Helin MHELIN at tnclus.tele.nokia.fi
Thu Jun 19 14:18:20 CEST 1997

Matthew wrote:
>My (potential) cons: are PCB-mounted pots/sockets a bad idea? Cumulative 
>strain from usage might crack the solder connections.....

   This is exactly what I was thinking this morning. If pots were
   mounted directly on pcb there were much less wireworks. I
   tried some pots I had on a piece of veroboard, the pots had
   legs (3) 0.2" apart, and I noticed that the ideal position for
   them was 0.1" from edge. Imagine how easy it would be to
   construct, even the faceplate (or panel, whatever), which
   could be simply any size (19" 1U/2U, Digisound, Moog or
   whatever) piece of aluminium full of holes (one pot needs
   actually two holes, the big one and the small one) on 1" grid
   (actually 1 1/2 " felt much better, but took too much space).
   On faceplate you could simply put a printed (with laser or inkjet)
   sheet of paper or plastic with markings and texts. As there
   are usually many pots, this contruction is quite strong, too.

   I think it's not so good idea to mount sockets on pcb, as
   there are  so many kind of connectors, and as it would be nice
   to put connectors aside from pots (like in MS-20 and other
   synths), and to be able to freely choice where and how to
   construct the whole thing (I'd like to find a really old
   computer, Eniac or something like that, it would look
   cool as a synth).

   As 6"x4" is quite common size for pcb, it's possible to fit
   six pots on it's wider side. It's not too much, but enough
   for most applications.

   Now, what designs to choose? I'd like build at least EN Saw
   VCO with all waveshaping functions, Juergen's SSM2040 clone
   VCF, any VCA (3080) with mixer and maybe Gene's ADSR EG.

   So what next, better ideas? What kind of pcb mounted pots
   there are, and what size they are?


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