Evil Kit Plans

Robert Rogers rob at netcom.com
Thu Jun 19 09:34:11 CEST 1997

Paul Schreiber said:
> Just to stir the pot some......
> I do plan to "re-issue" the Digisound modules, one by one, starting in
> October. I could do it much sooner, but I have 2 more "non-synth"
> projects in the way.

I would be interested in that, for sure.
My only analog these days is my MKS-80. It's a fine instrument, for
sure, but I still get the urge to run a patch cord now and then. I also
miss the knobs of my Prophet. I was thinking of getting a FatMan and
building a MiniMoog-esque case for it, just for fun. If the FatMan had a
3rd VCO, I would probably go for it.

-- snip --

> User input: hey, I'm not buying these, YOU are! So send me all the
> email you want on pros/cons/desires.
> Design basis: 60% Digisound + 20% Electronotes (yes, I have permission)
> + 10% old modular Moog stuff + 10% me & you

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like to see an optional
VCA that had ADDSR (like the Korg Poly-800 and the DX-7 made famous -
two Decay stages for more control). This setup seems to be *extremely*
rare in analog systems. Am I the only person that likes these?

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