Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.

Mark Amundson mamundso at MR.Net
Thu Jun 19 05:43:03 CEST 1997

A couple of things to note:

1. John Simonton does frequent this list. But he only has time or energy
put out about two new kits a year.

2. Mr. Simonton has mentioned that he wants to stay on the entry level
electronic music kits. More advanced users are left to develope their

3. The synth-diy does not have the critical mass that the guitar-diy

4. Your need to order parts in the thousand piece lots to be able to
pass on
the savings to your diy-kit customers.

5. It is likely that a profitiable (in-business) diy-synth-kit will have
charge a price that is not competitive with used analog synths or new

Mark Amundson,
> Yes,NOW would be the time to re-release such kits.. I would KILL to be able
> to
> build a modular similar  to  what  I  had built with my old Moog-55, back in
> the late 1970s :)

> >I would have to agree.  I read some materials lately (either by or about
> >Craig Anderton of PAIA) regarding the discontinuation of the old modular
> >kits.  The primary reason, apparently, was the keyboard itself.  From what

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