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Dave Halliday dave.halliday at
Wed Jun 18 08:02:00 CEST 1997

>>For data sheets - search for PIC, "Basic Stamp", Parallax ( Parallax is
>>a manufacturer of the Basic Stamp and of development kits ) and "Scott
>>Edwards" ( another manufacturer )
>     Also, check out ... 

That is Parallax's web URL - thanks!

>     I've used Basic Stamps for other non-audio related projects (robotics,
>     automated control, etc), but am *very* interested in how they can be
>     applied in the synthesis field.

>     I think I missed the earlier part of this thread where PIC's were
>     mentioned, and will go through my archives to see if I have it, but if
>     anyone else has any idea's or applications of PIC's for audio, please 
>     let me know.  I have quite a few spare from past projects, and would 
>     love to figure out some cool uses for them...

I too have used them for both hobby and commercial purposes.

What got me thinking was a discussion about envelope generation.  This 
is an application where a PIC would be perfect.  Choose one with the 
8-bit A/D / D/A onboard, use a chunk of memory ( external EEROM ) for
shape tables and you can have as complex and as fast a risetime as you 
wish.  The Analog / DIgital section can output several channels of 
envelope - laging, modulated, different waveshapes, etc...  You can 
also use the Analog inputs for reading the panel pots - there is also 
a serial input so communication ( updates ) is possible.

The thread was initially talking about synth's ( Oberheim Xpandor, 
etc. ) where one CPU was controlling all aspects of operation.  I 
sugested that since these chips are cheap enough and require 
essentially zero support circuitry, they would be an excellent 
candidate for an embedded system of this type.
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