Evil Kit Plans

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Wed Jun 18 20:53:49 CEST 1997

Just to stir the pot some......

I do plan to "re-issue" the Digisound modules, one by one, starting in October. I could do it much sooner,
but I have 2 more "non-synth" projects in the way.

I have enough CEM chips remaining so there should be no parts problems, and I will save some for
future repair needs.

These are to be "semi-kits": pcb, front panel, CEM chips, pots & knobs, and instructions. No funny business with
"secret" circuits. Big deal, who cares? You will have to get the R & C's, TL072s, etc. I will get ALL of these parts
from either Mouser or Digikey. I'm sure there are Malpin equivalents (I do have a new catalog, and will check it).

Will there be wonderul documentation a 'la Fatman and Heathkit?? No, unless I get volunteers. BUT: I will design
these to be easy to build, nice double-sided pcbs with silkscreens, LPI soldermasks, and all pots are pc mount!

Tech support: via email, fax or LIMITED (and erratic) phone support (mainly at night or early AM). I worked 9
years at Tandy designing consumer electronics, and my wife was a tech support manager during the TRS-80
days, so between us there ain't NOTHING we haven't seen (but don't try to surprise me).

Price: averaging about $125 from me, about $150 after you get done. Some cheaper (mixers/S&H/noise gens)
and some more $$$ (quad EG, Hex VCLFO).

User input: hey, I'm not buying these, YOU are! So send me all the email you want on pros/cons/desires.

Design basis: 60% Digisound + 20% Electronotes (yes, I have permission) + 10% old modular Moog stuff + 10%
me & you

Performance: if you don't "dirty-down" the parts (ie substitute cheaper stuff) the performance will be as good
as any CEM based synth. I will have other options as well.

Form factor: Uses old Digisound panel size. NOTE>> want pcb/CEM only? No problem!! Save $$ as well.

Am I getting rich?: not hardly. But this is NOT my main source of income (unlike paia), so I have less worries. BUT
with the knowledge that everyone should cut me a little slack for undertaking this. (Gag! I just
got a fax that says my annual maintanence of my PCB CAD system is $2300. So maybe I can sell enough to pay for that!)

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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