Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.

Thu Jun 19 05:21:00 CEST 1997

Yes,NOW would be the time to re-release such kits.. I would KILL to be able 
build a modular similar  to  what  I  had built with my old Moog-55, back in 
the late 1970s :)

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Subject: Re: Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.
Date: 18 June 1997 17:24

>Mr. Vaughan,
>I would have to agree.  I read some materials lately (either by or about
>Craig Anderton of PAIA) regarding the discontinuation of the old modular
>kits.  The primary reason, apparently, was the keyboard itself.  From what 
>read, supplying an appropriate keyboard became cost-prohibitive during a
>period when Japan was flooding the market with "low-priced" digital
>instruments.  However, since the FATMAN is capable of converting digital to
>control voltages and, according to PAIA, capable of driving other older 
>modules, it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't offer kits again -
>particularly in light of the popularity of these old machines.  I have a
>small self-designed PAIA modular system that I would love to expand,
>especially with some of the later 4720 (I think that's the number) modules. 


I don't understand why PAIA doesn't re-release these old kits?  Surely they
still have the schematics, documentation, etc. and the parts are available?

Seems to me that the new MIDI/CV capable kits they've released (FatMan, and
CV8Gate or whatever it's called) solve this problem.  I think I'll try
contacting them (if they aren't already reading this list, which I'm sure
they are -- Hey PAIA!) and harrassing them until they see the light that we
want these kits back and are prepared to pay for them.

PAIA are definitely positioned to be able to start offering these kits and
become the world recognized leaders in the DIY-Synth kit industry.  I just
don't get why they don't do this, perhaps it's just a matter of time... and
harrassment by the masses (so far, you and me and a few other

>But what I would really like to see is the reintroduction of the Aries
>Modular System kits.  These were considerably more expensive, but as I
>understand they were also much more stable and sofisticated (I've never
>actually heard one).  Perhaps here again the availability of a
>practically-priced keyboard was the problem.

I don't know much about these guys -- I'll do a web search but if you've
got some info you could send me in the meantime please do.  I'm very
interested in this -- When I get back to Los Angeles (in Tokyo for another
2 or 3 weeks) I plan on getting together with some venture capitalist
buddies (oxymoron!) of mine and proposing a good look at this field.

If anyone is interested in starting a cottage industry dealing with DIY
synth kits, or if you have a business plan, and/or financial planning
completed for this sort of thing, definitely contact me.  I may just have
to fire the first shot across the bow of these sleeping beheamoths like
PAIA, Moog, etc... :)



Jay Vaughan
jay at teklab.com

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