Panels for Modulus stuff

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Tue Jun 17 21:59:50 CEST 1997

Hi people,
I've placed an order today for the first batch of Modulus metalwork. 
ATM available modules to fit this consist of a VCO, a quad VCA, a dual 
ADSR, a dual three-input Mixer, a voltage utility and a diode-ladder 
LP VCF....there will be more soon....
Some people have already asked for panels and will definitely get 
theirs, I need something over half the panels I've ordered personally, 
leaving about 25 or so if people want them, although I will use them 
up myself sooner or later anyway.
If anyone who wants some panels, they should woprk out at about 2.5 
UKP in raw 2mm steel for a 9 x 3 panel, or about 3 UKP for one coated 
in fine texture black, or flat white powder coat. I'm going to try to 
sort out silk-screening the black panels for the various Modulus 
modules, but the white ones will be mostly blanks for doing Digisound 
panels with, and I'll be using transfers for those I guess, it isn't 
worth the effort of preparing a screen for something I'll o nly ever 
make one or two of....


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