banana patch system and synth enclosure ideas

joseph s ramstrom Joseph.S.Ramstrom-1 at
Tue Jun 17 18:03:02 CEST 1997

I use banana for cv and 1/4 for signal. I color code my banana's to keep 
in's and out's stright  
red--> output
black> input
green> gate
blue-> trigger
only draw backs would be when interfacing with a system that uses 1/8" cv 
plugs (doepfer does this) and when I'm feeling saucy and want to run audio 
signal into my vca's cv in.  For these occasions I dedicate one unit to a 
conversion module(just a plate and connectors).

On another note I wanted to contribute my ideas for rack enclosure.
I use stock 19" rack rails, predrilled. put them in my box standard width 
vertically.  cut pices to go horizontally accross the box.  I place two 
next to each other with thier tapped flat sides facing out.  I space the 
pairs every six inches. Six inches doesn't divide nicely into the rack unit 
spacing so i did have to tap holes to connect them.  I set my standard 
'unit' size at 2" wide and 6" tall giving me 9 units to work with per 
level.  of course modules can easily be several units in size.  
    I am nearly done building my 'box' it is Buchlaesque with a concave 
appearance.  I have five 6" areas first one is flat and second, third, and 
fourth ones increases 30 degrees each, and the fifth stays vertical with 
the fourth.  Total thats 45 units to work with, I am starting to think i'm 
insane.  I make my own panels (I have access to a metal shop, with a 
milling machine, at school), but I don't think 2 X 6, 4 X 6, 6 X 6, etc 
squares of alum are too difficult or expensive to get. and then just drill 

fond adou for now  Joseph Ramstrom   rams0046 at

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