Dave Halliday dave.halliday at
Tue Jun 17 03:29:12 CEST 1997

>     Thanks for the advice on getting started.
>     Could anyone suggest some parts catalogs? I already have Radio Shack!  
>     :-D 

The good news is that, starting at the bottom, things will only get 
better!  <grin>

You don't say what country you are from but your best bet anywhere
would be to get any of the popular electronics magazines at a 
newsstand and look in the back pages for advertisements.

My personal two favorites ( USA ) are DigiKey and Mouser - these
people ship top quality components at a reasonable price.
Good people to deal with.

There are surplus places that offer "sale" prices on chips - you might 
want to be aware that these are frequently older designs or "culls" 
from existing product lines.  When chips are made, they are then 
tested for things like noise and DC Offset - nasty stuff.  The chips 
that don't qualify as the manufacturers quality frequently get sold on 
the surplus market.

I can appreciate wanting to save money but if you are investing
several tens of hours building a synth and you plan to do recording or 
performance with it, it makes sense to build it as hum, snap, crackle 
and pop-free as possible...

Good luck!
--- Via Silver Xpress V4.4 [Reg]

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