Anderton's Electronic Projects for Musicians

Dempsey Elks elksdw at
Mon Jun 16 14:39:36 CEST 1997

Mark Amundson wrote:
> > > I saw an older book by Craig Anderton called "Electronic Projects for
> > > Musicians".  I'm sure some of you have heard of it.  It came out way back in
> > > 1981 and I wondered if some of these old projects are current enough to make
> > > for someone just starting to learn electronics.  Parts still available?  He
> > > had some interesting projects in there such as an envelope follower, ring
> > > modulator, phase shifter, etc.  Any comments or suggestions?  Thank you.
> >
> > I've built many of Anderton's projects and have found them to be very
> > useful. I recommend the phase shifter, super tone control, ring mod, mixer
> > and distortion units. There are no hard to find parts except for maybe the
> > CLM6000 but even that can be found. If you can't find, forexample, a 4739
> > op amp then sub any high quality unit, just watch the pinouts. steve d
> Anderton's EPFM book is still regarded by many to be the best method of
> entry
> for do-it-yourselfer (diy'ers). The projects are basic and PAiA still
> provides
> many of the kits. The CLM6000 opto-isolater is available from a number
> of places
> including PAiA and Midwest Analog Products. Midwest Analog Products
> recommends
> practice on EFPM kits before tackling their moderate complexity diy
> synth and
> effects kits.
> Mark Amundson,

I discovered Andertons book in 1986 about the same time I picked up my
first copy 
of Electronic Musician magazine. (Back when EM used to have lots of DIY
I think EPFM is a great way to get started in DIY and some of the
projects are very usefull. I still use quite a few of the projects that
I have built from this book over the years.  What is equally important
is the enthusiasm and positive attitude Anderton seems to inject into
his books and articles. I suspect that many more people (like myself)
have become involved in electronics and DIY because of him than would
have otherwise.

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