Xpander Input Mod

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jun 14 07:19:05 CEST 1997

At 12:04 PM 13/06/97 +0000, jbrow09 wrote:
>Hello out there in the Analouge world!  This message is a call to all of
>the people who know anything about this exotic modification that allows
>you to have 6 audio inputs on the Oberheim Xpander.  I know the plane
>have been online for some time at 

i have looked at this (thanks for the ref) but i cannot see whether it
allows the original sound to the filter to be routed out thru an effect unit
& back, like a standard insert point.
i had an xpander of mine modded by a serviceperson so that six stereo
sockets were put in....that way you can process the original sounds &
reinput them if you want, much more flexible........i read in kbd mag some
yrs ago about someone who had this done with their prophet 5 and then played
it thru five electroharmonix big muffs......

btw i have had 2 xpanders both with intermitttent chip socket problems, am i
just unlucky or is this a known feature? anyone solder theirs straight in?

paul perry

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