Xpander Input Mod

Joshua I Brown jbrow09 at emory.edu
Fri Jun 13 14:04:46 CEST 1997

Hello out there in the Analouge world!  This message is a call to all of
the people who know anything about this exotic modification that allows
you to have 6 audio inputs on the Oberheim Xpander.  I know the plane
have been online for some time at 


But I am no tech and feel completely intimidated by the job.  If there
is anyone out there with the parts and the know how, please email me or
call me and Maybe I could buy a kit that you make for me, or if you are
in the U.S. and have good references, I could send the Xpander to you
and pay you to install the mod.   

	Josh Brown
	jbrow09 at emory.edu

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