Analog Layout Guidelines

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Thu Jun 12 23:25:27 CEST 1997

Since there is some interest in this area, and being somewhat (ahem!) knowing in this area, I will make a little tutorial at:

for Tutorial #3 (those that haven't yet should go get #2). I'll have it up by Monday. Thanks to Joe for his
insights !!

Paul Schreiber
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> Hope this is a decent primer in analog layout techniques. If everyone is
> interested enough, I'd like to continue this with a small addendum that
> explores mixed signal design.
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> Joe Grisso - CAD Designer
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To Which Dave Garfield, "Synthesist-At-Large", replied:

Yes, Joe!

	Please count me as a resounding "affirmative!" to further circuit
layout information.  Having laid out many boards, and been a PAiA-holic
for Lo' these many decades, I REALLY appreciate the subtleties of cood
PC design.  Information on layouts, ground planes, signal routing, etc.
is VERY hard to find out here in the cold, PC-less
world, unless maybe you're an engineer.  ANY additional info. would be
Greatly Appreciated!...And, MANY THANKS...for all your postings!

		In Eager Anticipation,
		Dave Garfield
		Conidave at

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