Bob Pease (was: Caps for CEM & SSM Filters?)

Mark Amundson mamundso at MR.Net
Fri Jun 13 05:17:26 CEST 1997

Paul Perry wrote:
> some time ago i said that the answer to almost every question on analog
> electronic design here was to be found in The Art of Electronics by Horowitz
> and Hill.......
> and on the matter of usa vs the would be worth being in america
> just to go to a Bob Pease lucky bastards!
> paul perry

I have had the the opportunity to have had a pizza and soda lunchtime
seminar with Bob Pease and a half-dozen of my coworkers. Talk about a 
analog design guru! If you use National Semi Linear ICs, then Bob's 
probably had a hand in the design. Anything from 7815's, LM317's, 
LM741's, LM301's, etc. There is nothing like asking a tough analog
question to a guru like Bob and getting an intelligent answer.

Now if I can only meet Walt Jung of Analog Devices and get my audio
OP-AMP questions answered.

Mark Amundson,
Principal Analog & RF Engineer

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