Potentiometers: what do you suggest??

Stephen Machnowski chaosumb at inch.com
Thu Jun 12 13:33:05 CEST 1997

Anyway, sorry to jump on a topic that has been an insane one for years but
here is my experience with pots.

1. Forget the Radio Shack ones unless you want to saw the shaft which is
like 5 inches long or something ridiculous and then - cutting the shaft 1/3
time destroys the pot inside cause they are fragile.

2. Mouser's regular pots are good but dont bend the terminals too many
times since their contacts come loose and they are shot.

3. The miniture Mouser models are pretty good in feel and size, if you just
want to hack out a quick one and later replace the pots these are
price/value pretty good but suffer the same demise as the larger Mouser
standard pots.


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