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Peter Haaf peter.haaf at altvater.com
Thu Jun 12 08:24:14 CEST 1997

Ron Scott wrote:

> At 09:30 AM 6/11/97 -0600, Ric wrote:
> >Heh.  Seeing all of the talk about pots on here over the last couple
> of days,
> >I've been wondering if I'm one of the only people that uses the 21HE6
> series of
> >pots from Piher.  ???  I've found them to be a 'very good' quality.
> Out of my
> >scale of -11 to +11 (all positives are liked) I'd give them a +6.  :)
> >And they've got a good selection of Logs, as well.  :)
> >
> >Come to think of them though, I haven't seen them in too many of the
> catalogs
> >that I have. (Mouser; Allied; Digikey; Active/Future;
> Cardinal/Simmonds; ABRA).
> > Hmmmm.  Does anyone else use them, except for people that bought
> gear from me
> >that was using them?
> I used a bunch of them in a custom recording console in 1980. They are
> still
> smooth and scratch free today. They were cheap at the time too. The
> only
> thing I noticed is that the shafts are a shade smaller than 1/4 inch
> (0.6 mm
> to be exact) so the knobs are a little off center and wobble slightly
> when
> you turn them. Also the threaded portion is slightly larger than 3/8
> inch
> (10 mm) so you need a slightly larger hole punch. Other than that I
> would
> buy them again.
> Ron

  Do you have a problem with metrics ? As Piher are european Pots they
have metric mess. of course.
But apart from that they are for the price really ok. Go for them, if
you cannot affort P&G.
What about Panasonic ?
They are in my Behringer Eurodesk mixing console. They must be very
cheap, although they are very smooth
and it looks like they are reliable too.



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