Potentiometers: what do you suggest??

Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 22:23:30 CEST 1997

One thing that this thread has thrown up that I've just noiced is that 
RS means different things on the different sides of the Atlantic. 
Apparently in the states it is used as a non-TLA  for Radio Shack, 
generally known over here as Tandy, a high street electronics vendor 
that does the usual range of mobile phones and car stereos, but also 
some electronic components at rather high prices.....RS in the UK and 
Europe refers to Radiospares/Electromail, a catalogue company with an 
almost monolithic domination of the catalogue market, challenged only 
by the Farnell/Premier/Newark catalogue. If you are in electronics 
over here and someone says <RS> you start thinking about a foot-thick 
*no joking, honest* pile of catalogues or an increasingly easy to use 
PC CDROM, with just about every component available, whereas over 
there you mean a nasty little high street store.....bear this in mind 
when you use contractions of names in future....


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