PC boards, Requirements, and autorouters, oh my!

Joe Grisso proteus at inconnect.com
Wed Jun 11 23:10:56 CEST 1997

Jeremy N Bradbeer wrote:
> But I take it that none of these programs are autorouters - you still have to
> draw in the tracks yourself?

In response to both yours and Josh's question, no. Either package does
not include an autorouter. IMO, most gridded autorouters suck, only
getting 40-60% completion on all but the simplest of boards. Here at
DOD, we've hand routed boards for the past 10 years due to the low
quality of autorouters for low-noise audio. 
	We are currently looking at SPECCTRA, though, which is the only decent
shape-based autorouter on the market. If you want this router, make sure
your pocketbooks are REALLY deep. A minimal configuration (4 Layer, 4000
Pin board) will run you $3000. If you want automatic testpoint
generation, that will run you another $2000, and advanced rules
(different net widths, manual component clustering, etc.) will run you
another $2000. 
	Since most of my synthesizer designs are analog, I don't require the
use of an autorouter at home. Even though it takes more time, I have the
satisfaction of knowing that the board has been routed perfectly.
	Any questions? Mail me! :)

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