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Ken Stone sasami at
Tue Jun 10 03:47:53 CEST 1997

In response to the bombardment of questions about the photo of my beast :-

The top silver module that looks home built is really a Roland SH5, or 
part of it at least, consisting of 2xLFO, Noise, S&H, Ringmod & headphone
amp, master VCO and slave VCO. The rack unit it is built in is now housed in
a wood case. While it looks modular, the way Roland have devided up the
PCBs, all of these modules require each other to function. The ugly
connector hanging down from the left goes to the keyboard, and is now
mounted on the front panel. The keyboard hasn't seen light of day for years,
because I don't use it.

SH5 VCF, VCA and bandpass filter have since been built into a module in the
system 100 rack (stray pcb in front or synth in photo). The envelope
generators are next on the list to re-house.

Below that is a Vesta Kaza echo/digital delay unit.

Below that is a Roland system 100m with modules 110 VCO,VCF,VCA and 140 Dual
ENV,LFO. The third module is a pair of sub oscillators, ie, square wave
dividers, each with /2,/4 & /8 stages (just a 4024 and a small mixer), as
well as a pair of ETI/Maplin VCA/Ringmod modules. This was built around 1981.

The big shiny power supply is an ETI synth psu built into the case of a
computer switchmode supply. It fit, with a little encouragement. It usually
sits behind the synth under the chorus unit.

The V8 sim simply generates the exhaust cycles of V8 engine, though it lacks
any real signal processing power. It is voltage controlled (linear).

There are other modules and a squencer that are not in the photo because
they are in pretty neglected condition or are only partly built.

No, I'm not releasing circuit diagrams of this stuff - for obvious reasons.
Most of them are available from elsewhere.

How does it sound?  Well, inadequate at the moment, which is why I'm
building more of it.

> I bet you spend more time on the music or the design end than
> 'neatness' .... ????

Neatness?? What's that? Actually, I have very little space, which is why
it's all piled up like that.


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