K2000r Display Dim?

obie12 at earthlink.net obie12 at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 10 01:38:18 CEST 1997

Mark Pulver wrote:

> > As well, is it my imagination or did someone here once say that they had
> succesfully replaced the display with the (blue?) one from the K2500? If I
> have to replace the display, would this be the better route to take? ie, is
> the K2500 display more readable or "better" in general?

I would also like to more about this possible modification.
I have a K2000RS that I would like to have updated with the 
display type thst is on my K2500RS (very nice display!)

Any idea of this ever being done?

Where could someone purchase the display if the mod IS possible?


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