Panels being ordered for Modulus modules...

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Mon Jun 9 23:10:05 CEST 1997

Hi People, especially those in UK/Europe(maybe).....
Now that the ASP/Modulus designs have got a VCO, quad VCA, a diode 
ladder filter (will get accent and glide sub-modules soon), an EG just 
coming through beta and a voltage utility module, I'm on the point of 
getting some ready drilled front panels made. Any of you that have 
seen the stuff on Paul Maddox's Modulus site will know that one thing 
I've stuck to with the circuit layouts is the same panel drillings for 
everything, with the PCB's held to the panels by the pots. By using 
the same drilling I can keep the price of the panels down. It looks 
like the predrilled panels will be about 2.5 UKP each, uncoated, or 
about 3 UKP coated. Paul Harding is having a bunch, and I'm going to 
have a large number too, there'll also be a <BLANK> panel, with just 
the corner holes drilled. The panels are 9 inch by 3 inch, about 228mm 
by 76mm, and the corner holes will be 3.2mm. all the others are 
6.35mm. Where larger holes are needed for certain pots then they will 
need to be hand drilled or reamed to size. If a hole isn't being used 
for a design then blanking plugs are available from Maplin and 
elsewhere very cheaply. The standard finish I will use will be 
fine-textured black powdercoat, though I can quote on other colours, 
obvious ones being white, computer beige, and royal blue, all of which 
should cost the same as the black as they are commoon colours, more 
outlandish colours will cost more as they will need to be set up at 
the planty rather than being put through with a load of other stuff 
for the same colour.
	The material will be 2mm steel, so you will be able to 
hand-spray easily if you wish...I'll be ordering in about a week, for 
delivery about four-five weeks after placement. Coating will take 
another week probably, and then if you want screen-printing, which I 
can do myself, it'll be a little while after that. Anyone interested, 
let me know ASAP, if we get enough orders, the prices will go down. 
I'd appreciate deposits ahead of delivery if possible, there are 
plenty of people on the list who can vouch for my honesty, as I did 
the PAIA ordering thing recently.


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