centralized power supply

Lenox (Buck) Buchanan lbuchanan at qualcomm.com
Mon Jun 9 23:00:35 CEST 1997

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of the centralized power supply trip however I'm also a
stickler for making sure each module has it's own regulators on board.

For the modular synth stuff I send +/-18VDC (bipolar) well filtered but
unregulated out to the modules.  Each module re-regulates that down to
whatever it needs (usually +/- 15VDC).  So far this has worked great and
I've never had a crosstalk problem between modules.

For guitar stuff I send +15VDC to all the pedals and each has a little
regulator board inside the battery compartment that regulates down to
whatever that pedal needs.

I was concerned with the guitar stuff especially that the additional ground
loops added with this method (that don't exist with separate wall warts or
batteries) would cause problems but so far they haven't.  I'm still adding
stuff to both systems though so if anyone sees a major flaw in this
arrangement please let me know so I can prepare for it.

I don't have any lexicon or TBxxx stuff so I can't comment on the problems
people have had with those.

Take it easy,


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