Spurious messages from me to Synth-DIY list...

Jay Vaughan jay at teklab.com
Tue Jun 10 06:36:46 CEST 1997

How embarrassing.

I made the *fatal* mistake of using e-mail97 today (from
http://www.e-corp.com, watch out!) to answer a synth-diy post, and as a
result it has managed to spew forth thousands of "Return-receipt:" request
messages to members of this list.

I apologize profusely, and submit myself for an hour's worth of digital
flogging.  E-mail97 has been utterly reprimanded, and it will not happen
again -- back to the good ol' faithful Eudora.

Please accept my apologies, and delete any "return-receipt:" messages you
get from me...



Jay Vaughan          
jay at teklab.com       

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