BLEEP! BLURP! Wannawannnawannna...

brad at brad at
Mon Jun 9 06:52:48 CEST 1997

On a quest for MAME info, I just came across this site. It's the
homepage of a fellow whos written the GYRUSS (videogame) emulator for
the MAME platform. He's done a great deal of work with the sound
aspect, including an AY-3-8910 EMULATOR and an MCS48 emulator!
Should be just the thing if you're dying for "authentic" videogame
sounds for that next masterpiece. He even has links to schematics and

If you dunno what MAME is, and if you ever fed more than two quarters
in an arcade machine (my own weakness was GORF and Defender), proceed
DIRECTLY to the following URL; do not pass go, do not collect $200...

I just discovered these emulators, and I'm havin' a ball!

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