Panels and panel art

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sun Jun 8 12:28:15 CEST 1997

 Tony Clark wrote:
.......that panel pieces are ok at $3.87 each.......

this is true, although since there is nothing elaborate involved you might
get it cheaper by going to a one-person operation. What IS suprisingly
exensive in my experience has been getting standard end notches cut on
panels, since nobody has a standard punch for these & so it takes 2 or 3
operations and a bit of precision.... i have found the cheapest approach to
be to use 2mm steel and have the holes and notches laser cut......(for
quantity 50+)

there is a technique for pcb making using iron-on transfer of laser toner
from pastic sheets, has anyone tried to use this for panel art?
has anyone tried to use ink-jet thermal transfer paper on a painted panel?

Paul Perry

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