fs analog duplication gear

J.G. Wong (Fiveman) adaaxs at erols.com
Sun Jun 8 07:01:02 CEST 1997

Hi all,
	I have several Telex 300 series cassette duplication systems for sale
or trade.  The one I am looking at has 1cassette master, 3 cassette
slaves, 1 TDE 4 channel preamp EQ bias amp module in a tabletop slanted
rack.  I have other configurations including reel masters.  The 300 run
at a 8:1 ratio, all four tracks at once.  When tweaked it makes very
good copies.  It is also very easy to maintain. Zero hours use since
last rebuild.  In comparison a new Telex 6120 sells for about $10,000.
	I am asking $300 per rack OBO or will trade for synth gear of most
	HERE'S THE RUB:  The systems are located in Philadelphia, PA and I will
not ship them.  Phila is central to New Jersey and Delaware so if you
are in the area you can pick them up or perhaps you can find someone to
pick it up and ship it to you.  Either way it is a good deal  and beats
going into mothballs, which they will if someone from the list does not
take them.
	I also have a mint set of Streetley Mellotron tapes (brass, violins, 8
voices)  and a very flaky Polysix - midi w/service doc which again I
will not ship, make sensible offer.  Finally a 61key 4 foot Moog modular
controller stripped (keys, busses and module intact) won't ship that
either.  Come visit.
Thanks.  Best Regards

Gino Wong (Fiveman)

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