centralized power supply

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>Synthfool at aol.com (12:05 PM 6/7/97 -0400) wrote:
>>>Don't forget voltage, and you also would want at least one AC tap for
>>>Lexicon devices (the LXP-1 & LXP-5 use 9 VAC at *** 1.5 AMPS ***).
>>Not to slam the fine idea of powering AC devices from a master power
>>but I don't recommend it unless you want unbearable hum or broken Lexicons.
>>I actually tried this years ago and it didn't work at all. The AC's for
>>devices have to be isolated from one another. Sourcing them from the same
>>supply caused me all sorts of problems.
>What if you ran small iso transformers inside the chassis for each of the
>AC feeds? Possibly expensive, but if that's what it takes...

I suppose it would work, but electrically it's terribly inefficient and you
could just as well mount several 120volt in/9 volt out xfmrs in a single
enclosure. It'd be much cheaper and they would still be isolated   :)


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