Centralized Power Supply

Connie Garfield conidave at pacbell.net
Sat Jun 7 06:06:32 CEST 1997

Hi DIY-ers!

	If I'm not mistaken (please forgive my penchant for getting on here and
trying to recall stuff ;-> ), there was a 1U rack mount supply in the
mid '80s, called the "Juice Goose".  I believe it was 9 volts AC out to
about 7 or 8 power cords, and it may have had a switchable outlet, as
well.  Now, I could be wrong about all this, (and I Swear that
Alzheimers...ok, aging...is knockin' at my door!) but I Know the Juice
Goose was for real, as I recall thinking that that was a COOL idea, and
I would've Loved to have had one, had I owned any rack mount gear at the
time (aside from my Alesis Micro-XXXXes)!  
	Still, it's a GOOD, SOUND idea, guys!  Keep It Up!

		Yours in Rambling Discourse, 
		Dave Garfield
		Conidave at pacbell.net  
(With Apologies to Ric Miller -- AOL...Is DEAD!)

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