Re-sub info needed (sorry!)

gstopp at gstopp at
Thu Jun 5 01:05:58 CEST 1997

     Hi DIY,
     Well the network's coming down here at Fibermux, and I'm up at home 
     through a new ISP. I'm all set to re-sub except that I lost the info 
     on how to do it. I had it in my email folders, I swear it. Wouldn't 
     you know last night our email server was mortally wounded by a zapped 
     ethernet adapter... database gone. Since we're only a week away from 
     total shutdown we ain't gonna try to restore it. So - was it:
     s*bscribe synth-diy squarewave at
     in the email text, with no subject? Also, will:
     uns*bscribe synth-diy
     kill my current s*bscription?
     Could some kind person cut-n-paste the list charter info text to me? 
     I'd be most grateful.
     Thanks and sorry for the administrative question,
     - Gene
     gstopp at
     p.s. any private email either sent in the last 24 hrs. or as yet 
     unanswered by me is gone - please re-send!

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